If you are looking for a supernatural thriller with some truly messed up ish going on about a girl and her family, this is the one. It is set in the pre-Internet  90’s (no that’s not the messed up part) around a flurry of satanic rituals in local communities (there it is).

The story had me on my toes switching between theory A and theory B all the way up to the end. Or should I say, the somewhat anticlimactic end… As with any thriller there are some frightening parts but unfortunately this felt too earthy and disappointing once the truth was revealed.

If you’ve really ran out of thrillers to watch, this can fill your time until you find a better one. But by no means should you expect much. As they say, low expectations is the key to happiness.


GMBM Verdict : Mehh, Bad Movie


Starring: Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson, David Thewlis

Rated R     Released 2015



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