Think Like A Man

Steve Harvey has introduced a book to women that gives insights into male dating attributes, almost a role-reversal to the book “The Game”. It tells how to get what they want from men, giving them an upper hand. Whether it’s the momma’s boy, the player, or the non-committal boyfriend, Steve has got a strategy to counter each one of the guys’ tricks.

Kevin Hart and his group of friends are a mixed bunch, each personifying a type of guy found in the book. (Sidenote: I find it hilarious how they portrayed the white dad in this group of black friends. He is so stereo-typically a white suburban dad you can’t help but assume he probably loves driving his minivan.) Each of the friends also has a female counterpart to his character attribute and the battle for love ensues.

This will be one of your favorite romantic comedies for many reasons. 1) The soundtrack is killer. Much better than your average upbeat pop ish thrown around these days. 2) The comedy is top notch; it’ll have you laughing through the whole movie. Kevin Hart is the man, we all know that. And 3) No matter how you feel you play the dating game, you can relate to at least one of the stories that’s intertwined and, as all good rom-coms should, the ending leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.


GMBM Verdict  :  Good Movie, Good Soundtrack


Starring: Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good 

Rated  PG-13     Released 2012


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