McFarland, USA

Do you love to run? Do you despise it? Well, good thing it doesn’t matter which side you’re on because this movie isn’t truly about the sport of cross country. This movie shows the real value of family, community, courage, and hard work through the medium of a dark horse cross country team from Central California.

Kevin Costner is a high school PE coach on his last strike in a place he never thought he would end up. He takes a rag-tag group of kids under his wing to give them the chance of something bigger, outside of the city they feel so stuck in. It’s your classic inspirational movie with a twist. Underdogs in more ways than one, the McFarland cross country team is the embodiment of overcoming obstacles and pain.

Watch McFarland for an insight into Mexican American culture and values and the true power that sticking together can breed miracles. Based on a true story, McFarland, USA rises above the rest because of the culture it is set in. Put this in your must watch list.

GMBM Verdict  :  Great Story, Great Movie.

Starring: Kevin CostnerCarlos PrattsJohnny Ortiz

Rating   PG     Released  2015

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