Pacific Rim

Who doesn’t like a good fisticuffs bout between giant robots and huge alien monsters?! Seen it before and we’ll definitely see it again, but I don’t think we’ll ever tire of it. Pacific Rim put forth a valiant effort in trying a different approach to the crowded giant monster battle scene and it may have paid off.

“Jaegers” are the giant robots created to keep the monsters, “Kaiju”, at bay and protect the populations. Jaegers are piloted by a dual member team. Raleigh, played by Charlie Hunnam, is one of these skilled pilots. However, bad experiences have sent him as far from piloting one as he can get. That is until, of course, his skill set is needed once again and Marshall Pentacost, played by Idris Elba, comes calling to save the world.

There is exactly as much corny feeling dialogue and drama as you would expect from a primarily action filled movie, with some forced humor thrown in as well. The plot is your generic “do this or the world ends”. The action doesn’t disappoint though and the battles stay interesting by not always resorting to hand to hand combat. What stood out the most, in a good way, is the environment they built around the fact that the Kaiju and their attacks had become an understood part of life and the way humanity had adapted to it. However, it still contains the makings of your cliché action film.

GMBM Verdict  :  Awesome action. Big battles. Charlie Hunnam. Good Movie. 

Starring : Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi
Rating   PG-13      Released  2013

Master and Commander

Come aboard in this gritty tale of a ship captain and his crew. We join Captain Jack Aubrey aboard the H.M.S Surprise in the early 1800’s during the Napoleonic Wars. A leader who’s crew hang on his every word and would follow him to the ends of the earth has been tasked with pursuing and capturing an enemy ship and it takes them, well.. to the ends of the earth.

Pitted against an equally cunning and possibly more equipped foe, Captain Jack will face his toughest challenge. His entire life has been aboard this ship and he knows nothing but success. They’ve grown together, bled together. Now, he’s set on a path that will test him and call into question what he holds most dear.

Master and Commander is a well made movie, combining attention grabbing action with emotionally gripping characters and a meaningful plot. It ranges from heavy sea battles full of shrapnel to the close-quartered daily life of a crew aboard a ship at sea to monster sea storms. This excellent mix of action and storytelling sets it apart from the rest and makes it a timeless film you can still enjoy years later.

GMBM Verdict  :  Come for the action, stay for Russel Crowe in a man-bun. Good Movie.

Starring : Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, James D'Arcy
Rating   PG-13      Released  2003

Bleed For This

The film starts right off the bat with a fight. But from this we see the family atmosphere surrounding Vinny. We see his drive and work ethic. We see how much he wants to prove himself, to be the best. You may think, “Oh, just another boxing movie?” But you’re wrong. Yes, it’s a movie about a boxer, and even includes a training montage. But its so much more than that. Its so much more than just a hype movie. You really feel inspired.

Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller) is a blue collar boxer from Providence, Rhode Island. His rise to stardom is quick after he becomes a two time world champ. However, a terrible accident leaves him at rock bottom and with a decision to make. With the help of his trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) he begins one of the most incredible comebacks in sports. The biggest lie we are told is “It’s not that simple”, pushing us to give up. Well, Vinny begs to differ, “Sometimes it is that simple.” Never give up.

While Bleed For This is another in a long line of sports and fighting movies, don’t pile it in with all the others. This movie can stand out on its own. From unique cinematography to a focus on personal achievement and getting you to connect well with Vinny and Kevin, this film does its job of inspiring its audience. And it does it well.

GMBM Verdict  :  Good Movie. It’s that simple. 

Starring : Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal

Rating   R      Released  2016


While radical Muslim terrorist attacks are frightful and take a great amount of news-space, white supremacist terrorist groups have also dealt serious damage on our own home soil in recent years. A desire to purify the “once great European race” has led to terrible events including the South Carolina church shooting and that of the OKC bombing.

And that is the premise of Imperium. Daniel Radcliffe is a desk man for the FBI but wants more from life, wants to make a bigger difference. An opportunity comes across for him to do that via an undercover infiltration operation. A potential dirty bomb has come to the attention of the FBI and they pursue a lead that points directly at white supremacist groups in the Northeast of the United States.

While an interesting concept, it is difficult to watch. Not due to the quality of movie or acting, but due to the fact that it deals with some very heavy aspects of society. They really went for realism and I appreciate that. As the movie deals with the white supremacists, they don’t shy away from the words they use, how they act, or their symbols they hold dear. I think you get my point. This realism does help the film however. It keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense and your heart beating fast as you realize how important it is that he doesn’t get found out and hope he successfully completes his mission.

GMBM Verdict  :  Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter no more. Good Movie.  


Starring: Daniel RadcliffeToni ColletteSam Trammell

Rating  R     Released  2016

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Caught in a loveless marriage, John and Jane Smith realize that they have more in common than previously believed. The Brangelina era started here with this film and you can see why. Their chemistry on camera in undeniable. This is an action film that also plays out the story of a couple working through a marriage that’s on the rocks.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been married about five or six years. However, each has their own demanding business that draws them from the other only to see each other for brief periods of time during their 7pm dinners. Little communication and coldness plagues the relationship until one day their jobs cross paths with the other and things take a turn for the exciting.

You can tell why Brad and Angelina became a thing around the time this movie was released. They have clever banter back and forth that is delivered with quite playful chemistry. While the Smith marriage might be in shambles during the fighting, you can still tell that they fight consciously aware they are still spouses. It’s the chemistry between these two film giants that really draws you in to the quirky-ness and playful tone of the action and really lets you enjoy this movie.

GMBM Verdict: Brad+Angelina = Good Movie. 


Starring: Brad PittAngelina JolieVince Vaughn

Rating PG-13     Released  2005

Mr. Right

Anna Kendrick is a newly single weirdo. Sam Rockwell is a hitman, of sorts. And as most romantic comedies start out, there is a random meeting in a random place where the two have an instant connection. But that is about as much normal rom-com you’re gonna get from this film. So check this one out if you’re up for something a bit on the weird side. (And when I say “a bit”, I mean a lot)

I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now. Two quirky actors playing quirky characters in a quirky movie seemed like a fun set up for a good time. The action is cliché from the get-go but its an ironic cliche that you can pick up on pretty quick. The romance is fun though! This movie definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you.

As much as I wanted this to be a new favorite, I was kept wanting…

GMBM Verdict  :  Mr. Right was not the one… Good-ish Movie


Starring: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth
Rating  R     Released 2016