Megamind, the incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy! Or so how he describes himself. This charismatic villain is the protagonist of a surprisingly deep story of good vs evil for an animated film. You almost cheer for Megamind and at times empathize with him as he brings up the importance of duality and purpose in life. If there is evil in the world, there must also be good.

With clever jokes, quotable one-liners and quality writing this is a pretty good comedy with a top-billed cast. It portrays the exaggerated super hero very well while making the super villain truly the one we hope succeeds. This movie is definitely a chill-at-home kind of movie that’ll leave you feeling pretty good. It’s a great comedy that will provide you some classic quotes to use with friends, and that’s all we want from a movie anyway.

Destiny isn’t the path chosen for us, it’s the path we choose ourselves. All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honor, heroism, and nobility. Evil… well, it’s just cooler.

GMBM verdict  :  Mega-Good Movie.


Starring: Will FerrellBrad PittTina FeyJonah Hill

Rating   PG     Released  2010