Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Caught in a loveless marriage, John and Jane Smith realize that they have more in common than previously believed. The Brangelina era started here with this film and you can see why. Their chemistry on camera in undeniable. This is an action film that also plays out the story of a couple working through a marriage that’s on the rocks.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been married about five or six years. However, each has their own demanding business that draws them from the other only to see each other for brief periods of time during their 7pm dinners. Little communication and coldness plagues the relationship until one day their jobs cross paths with the other and things take a turn for the exciting.

You can tell why Brad and Angelina became a thing around the time this movie was released. They have clever banter back and forth that is delivered with quite playful chemistry. While the Smith marriage might be in shambles during the fighting, you can still tell that they fight consciously aware they are still spouses. It’s the chemistry between these two film giants that really draws you in to the quirky-ness and playful tone of the action and really lets you enjoy this movie.

GMBM Verdict: Brad+Angelina = Good Movie. 


Starring: Brad PittAngelina JolieVince Vaughn

Rating PG-13     Released  2005

Everybody Wants Some!!

So you just graduated high school, got that scholarship to play college baseball and you’re finally out on your own. What do you do? Who’s there to help guide you? What classes/parties/girls/guys/beers do you choose?! Good thing you’ve got teammates to help with that.

Blake Jenner (no relation) plays Jake, a college freshman who is about to begin the plunge into the best four years of his life. The movie starts on move-in day and it’s 3 days before classes start. He and his other freshman newbies immediately meet their upperclassman teammates when they step foot into the baseball house. From there, it’s a short, deep, yet succinct snippet of the beginnings to their new lives as collegiate student-athletes in the 1980’s.

This film does well to capture the real relationships between teammates and especially incoming freshman who are wide-eyed to the world of college. From real life advice and teammate initiation to stoned existential conversations and themed parties, Everybody Wants Some is a real, funny, genuine look at the beginning of a new stage in a young person’s life. It’s a quality college movie set in the 80’s, but its message reaches to more than just that generation.

 GMBM Verdict  :  You should want some! Good Movie.


Starring: Blake JennerZoey DeutchGlen PowellTyler Hoechlin

Rating  R     Released  2016


Megamind, the incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy! Or so how he describes himself. This charismatic villain is the protagonist of a surprisingly deep story of good vs evil for an animated film. You almost cheer for Megamind and at times empathize with him as he brings up the importance of duality and purpose in life. If there is evil in the world, there must also be good.

With clever jokes, quotable one-liners and quality writing this is a pretty good comedy with a top-billed cast. It portrays the exaggerated super hero very well while making the super villain truly the one we hope succeeds. This movie is definitely a chill-at-home kind of movie that’ll leave you feeling pretty good. It’s a great comedy that will provide you some classic quotes to use with friends, and that’s all we want from a movie anyway.

Destiny isn’t the path chosen for us, it’s the path we choose ourselves. All men must choose between two paths. Good is the path of honor, heroism, and nobility. Evil… well, it’s just cooler.

GMBM verdict  :  Mega-Good Movie.


Starring: Will FerrellBrad PittTina FeyJonah Hill

Rating   PG     Released  2010

Crazy, Stupid, Love

When a middle-aged Steve Carell is thrown into a mid-life crisis after his wife orders “divorce” for desert, he decides its time to take back his manhood. Or so that’s how it is sold to him by the ladiesman who takes him under his wing.

This movie is smartly written. It’s funny yet down to earth and has a top quality love story. So my dudes, fear not! A mushy romantic comedy this is not. (But we’ll just keep pretending you don’t actually enjoy some of those mushy rom-coms). This love story has the realistic grounding that makes you truly believe in it. Plus how can you turn down a funny Ryan Gosling? No doubt it will shoot to the top of the list of your favorite movies. I know it’s one of mine.

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it doesn’t get old. Good stories rarely do. Love takes work, but loving this movie was easy.

GMBM Verdict  :  Ryan Gosling approved. Good Movie


Starring: Steve CarellRyan GoslingJulianne MooreEmma Stone

Rating  PG-13     Released  2011

The Lobster

The strange stigma of being single in today’s society is ramped up to a whole new level in this film. Not only is it stigmatized, it is actually illegal. Marriage certificates on your person are required along with partners in this futuristic society strictly revolving around companionship. If you are found without one or both, you are then sent to a hotel for 45 days to find a mate or else be turned into an animal of your choosing. And for a movie based on romantic journeys, it is quite void of emotion. Obviously on purpose, but it no doubt makes it difficult to watch.

I think I laughed no more than a handful of times throughout The Lobster. And they were hardly chuckles. Most jokes didn’t land or were quite dark. I was searching for some parallel to today’s societal weight given to finding a relationship but if it was there, it was shrouded in a shrill soundtrack, dark humor, and an ambiguous plot and purpose.

I almost turned it off half way through but decided to give it a chance to turn around in the second half hoping for a good ending that did not come. (Plus part of my job is pushing through the bad movies so you don’t have to.) I advise you to use my experience and not waste your time with this one.

GMBM Verdict  :  Bad Movie. Just bad..


Starring: Colin Farrell, Léa Seydoux, John C. Reilly, Rachel Weisz

Rating   R     Released   2016

Mr. Right

Anna Kendrick is a newly single weirdo. Sam Rockwell is a hitman, of sorts. And as most romantic comedies start out, there is a random meeting in a random place where the two have an instant connection. But that is about as much normal rom-com you’re gonna get from this film. So check this one out if you’re up for something a bit on the weird side. (And when I say “a bit”, I mean a lot)

I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now. Two quirky actors playing quirky characters in a quirky movie seemed like a fun set up for a good time. The action is cliché from the get-go but its an ironic cliche that you can pick up on pretty quick. The romance is fun though! This movie definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you.

As much as I wanted this to be a new favorite, I was kept wanting…

GMBM Verdict  :  Mr. Right was not the one… Good-ish Movie


Starring: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth
Rating  R     Released 2016

Think Like A Man

Steve Harvey has introduced a book to women that gives insights into male dating attributes, almost a role-reversal to the book “The Game”. It tells how to get what they want from men, giving them an upper hand. Whether it’s the momma’s boy, the player, or the non-committal boyfriend, Steve has got a strategy to counter each one of the guys’ tricks.

Kevin Hart and his group of friends are a mixed bunch, each personifying a type of guy found in the book. (Sidenote: I find it hilarious how they portrayed the white dad in this group of black friends. He is so stereo-typically a white suburban dad you can’t help but assume he probably loves driving his minivan.) Each of the friends also has a female counterpart to his character attribute and the battle for love ensues.

This will be one of your favorite romantic comedies for many reasons. 1) The soundtrack is killer. Much better than your average upbeat pop ish thrown around these days. 2) The comedy is top notch; it’ll have you laughing through the whole movie. Kevin Hart is the man, we all know that. And 3) No matter how you feel you play the dating game, you can relate to at least one of the stories that’s intertwined and, as all good rom-coms should, the ending leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.


GMBM Verdict  :  Good Movie, Good Soundtrack


Starring: Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson, Meagan Good 

Rated  PG-13     Released 2012

Adult Children of Divorce (A.C.O.D.)

In this generation, divorce has become so much of a norm that people get into relationships hardly expecting them to last very long, or even avoid them all together. This film goes over what it is like for a now grown adult dealing with having divorced parents from childhood.

A.C.O.D. starts off well and had my hopes somewhat high. However as the story progressed I just was not able to really get hooked into it. Intermittent chuckles throughout was enough for me not to switch movies but not enough to really enjoy the movie. No real ups and downs to grab the attention of the viewer, the story line seemed pretty even keel.

I will always give lowkey movies a shot, I love taking the risk to find hidden gems. However, this wasn’t one of those times. Sorry to be a downer with the review, but as they say, you are what you watch.


GMBM Verdict  :  Bad Movie Mr. Scott


Starring: Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins, Amy Poehler

Rated R      Released 2013