The Drop

In Brooklyn, New York, underground money transfers are a constant. They are an understood part of the way the neighborhoods work. Money changing hands from locals up to mobsters. End points are necessary for these transfers, aka “drops”. And in Brooklyn, local bars are chosen to be these drops.

Tom Hardy plays a mild mannered bartender in Brooklyn named Bob. He and his cousin, Cousin Marv, work together. They don’t own the bar however, some Chechen mobsters do, and skim profits from the top, as you’d expect mobsters to do. One night the bar gets robbed, stirring a police investigation and frustration from the Chechen mobsters. It’s well known the bar is owned by the mobsters, so the robbery seems a strange decision. The mobsters’ response? Bob’s bar is now the next drop. Super Bowl Sunday no less.

The Drop is a somewhat slow moving film. Beginning with a mild mannered Bob, we just see a normal guy who works his job and takes care of his rescue pit bull. Even when the plot pieces are coming together, its all very calm, however, the whole time feeling like something is up and doesn’t quite fit right. The film does well to show the underlying workings of the traditional Brooklyn: gritty, hard working, “better keep your nose down” kind of Brooklyn.

GMBM Verdict : Drop this into your queue. Good Movie.

Starring :  Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, James Gandolfini

Rating   R     Released  2014

Nocturnal Animals

Right off the bat, lets just warn you.. there is graphic nudity paraded as art to start the movie. So, from the get-go you really know this isn’t a conventional film. Cold faces, straight lines, grey colors all set up this heartless feeling. Director Tom Ford really did well to create an atmosphere void of rich, deep feeling. Not the void of something that never was, but a void as if it once was there, and had been lost.

Amy Adams is an art gallery director who is in her second marriage and early on she receives a proof-read of a book written by her former husband, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Her first marriage, full of love but not a “practical” relationship in her eyes, was ended years ago. This was the first she had heard from her ex in many years. The rest of the film revolves around Amy Adams pouring herself into the manuscript, as told by faux-memories played out for the audience.

Nocturnal Animals never really was a big hit in the box office, but that’s exactly why GMBM is here, to open up some of those lost films for you. The film is definitely unique. It’s heavy and dark and really delves into some of the toughest parts of humanity. That being said, it’s a well acted, well made film. And as I continue to write this and let the movie soak in, it continues to grow on me. Let it soak.. let it provoke some thought.

GMBM Verdict  :  Not for the faint of heart. Good Movie.

Starring: Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon

Rating   R     Released  2016