The Hundred Foot Journey

This is a story that begins with terrible loss, yet out of this tragedy great success is found. This Indian family move from Mumbai to England (at first) then finally settle in France after a fateful mishap. Brakes always brake for a reason you know. This drastic move provides young chef Hassan Kadam with an opportunity of a lifetime after his father purchases a restaurant just across the street from an already decorated Michelin star restaurant.

Hassan is a wide eyed talent in the kitchen. His ability to create and innovate in the kitchen while maintaining the foundations of standard dishes brings high praise to him and his family’s restaurant. With every dish cooked, served and eaten, my mouth begins to water. It’s such a light-hearted film you can’t help but enjoy it. From delicious entrees to the father’s loving banter to the start of new love between two chefs, this movie captures it all.

If you want that movie you can just sit back, relax and enjoy, The Hundred Foot Journey delivers. It will put a smile on your face throughout and, as any good movie, will leave you smiling (and maybe even looking up cooking schools).

GMBM Verdict  :  Food is the way to our heart and so is this film. Good Movie.


Starring: Helen MirrenManish DayalOm PuriCharlotte Le Bon

Rating  PG     Released  2014


WARNING! If you watch this movie hungry there is a guarantee of stomach growling but also having a new favorite movie… so, worth it. This movie is definitely one of my favorites. Following your passion and making it work is the essence of Chef. If you’re not happy, fly across the country and buy a food truck. Ok, maybe not that specifically, but chase your passion, whatever it is.

Jon Favreau is a brilliant chef who once was on the cutting edge of the culinary world but is now pigeonholed in a restaurant that stifles his creativity. He then decides to take a huge risk in order to reignite his passion for cooking. But let’s be honest, if Sofia Vergara was telling me I should do something, that’s pretty good motivation already!

First time I saw this, I took a chance on it in the theaters, not having heard much about it. The risk was greatly rewarded. Chef has cemented itself as one of my top choices. It’s a feel good movie that’s got all the goods: delicious food, lively Latin culture and music, and lovable characters.

GMBM Verdict  :  I’ll take the Chef’s special please! Good Movie!

Starring: Jon FavreauSofía VergaraJohn Leguizamo

Rating   R     Released  2014