Begin Again

You have to keep moving. Whatever you do, don’t stop. You’re only as strong as your next move. Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly are great examples of this in this movie, Begin Again. Mr. Ruffalo is a down on his luck music producer with an eye for exceptional talent and Keira Knightly is a New York newbie with an exceptional talent. And as per usual, they happen to meet through… lets call it fate.

This movie is centered around music and because they are both outsiders to the mainstream industry they now have to get unique in order to generate a following and get her music out to the public. In one specific scene, Begin Again re-ignited my love for music and reminded me of it’s ability to turn the mundane events of life into moments of great emotional connection. Or as the script puts it, “all these banalities, they’re suddenly turned into beautiful, effervescent pearls.”

Begin Again is a simple, feel good movie about finding ways to follow your dreams even when you’ve been knocked down. This is another movie with a great soundtrack as well, with some excellent original songs. It is like one long music video. Also, Adam Levine is a d**k. Enjoy!

GMBM Verdict  :  Good Movie. Simple verdict for a simple movie. 


Starring: Keira KnightleyMark RuffaloHailee SteinfeldAdam Levine

Rating   R      Released  2013