Bleed For This

The film starts right off the bat with a fight. But from this we see the family atmosphere surrounding Vinny. We see his drive and work ethic. We see how much he wants to prove himself, to be the best. You may think, “Oh, just another boxing movie?” But you’re wrong. Yes, it’s a movie about a boxer, and even includes a training montage. But its so much more than that. Its so much more than just a hype movie. You really feel inspired.

Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller) is a blue collar boxer from Providence, Rhode Island. His rise to stardom is quick after he becomes a two time world champ. However, a terrible accident leaves him at rock bottom and with a decision to make. With the help of his trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) he begins one of the most incredible comebacks in sports. The biggest lie we are told is “It’s not that simple”, pushing us to give up. Well, Vinny begs to differ, “Sometimes it is that simple.” Never give up.

While Bleed For This is another in a long line of sports and fighting movies, don’t pile it in with all the others. This movie can stand out on its own. From unique cinematography to a focus on personal achievement and getting you to connect well with Vinny and Kevin, this film does its job of inspiring its audience. And it does it well.

GMBM Verdict  :  Good Movie. It’s that simple. 

Starring : Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katey Sagal

Rating   R      Released  2016

The Hundred Foot Journey

This is a story that begins with terrible loss, yet out of this tragedy great success is found. This Indian family move from Mumbai to England (at first) then finally settle in France after a fateful mishap. Brakes always brake for a reason you know. This drastic move provides young chef Hassan Kadam with an opportunity of a lifetime after his father purchases a restaurant just across the street from an already decorated Michelin star restaurant.

Hassan is a wide eyed talent in the kitchen. His ability to create and innovate in the kitchen while maintaining the foundations of standard dishes brings high praise to him and his family’s restaurant. With every dish cooked, served and eaten, my mouth begins to water. It’s such a light-hearted film you can’t help but enjoy it. From delicious entrees to the father’s loving banter to the start of new love between two chefs, this movie captures it all.

If you want that movie you can just sit back, relax and enjoy, The Hundred Foot Journey delivers. It will put a smile on your face throughout and, as any good movie, will leave you smiling (and maybe even looking up cooking schools).

GMBM Verdict  :  Food is the way to our heart and so is this film. Good Movie.


Starring: Helen MirrenManish DayalOm PuriCharlotte Le Bon

Rating  PG     Released  2014

Everybody Wants Some!!

So you just graduated high school, got that scholarship to play college baseball and you’re finally out on your own. What do you do? Who’s there to help guide you? What classes/parties/girls/guys/beers do you choose?! Good thing you’ve got teammates to help with that.

Blake Jenner (no relation) plays Jake, a college freshman who is about to begin the plunge into the best four years of his life. The movie starts on move-in day and it’s 3 days before classes start. He and his other freshman newbies immediately meet their upperclassman teammates when they step foot into the baseball house. From there, it’s a short, deep, yet succinct snippet of the beginnings to their new lives as collegiate student-athletes in the 1980’s.

This film does well to capture the real relationships between teammates and especially incoming freshman who are wide-eyed to the world of college. From real life advice and teammate initiation to stoned existential conversations and themed parties, Everybody Wants Some is a real, funny, genuine look at the beginning of a new stage in a young person’s life. It’s a quality college movie set in the 80’s, but its message reaches to more than just that generation.

 GMBM Verdict  :  You should want some! Good Movie.


Starring: Blake JennerZoey DeutchGlen PowellTyler Hoechlin

Rating  R     Released  2016

McFarland, USA

Do you love to run? Do you despise it? Well, good thing it doesn’t matter which side you’re on because this movie isn’t truly about the sport of cross country. This movie shows the real value of family, community, courage, and hard work through the medium of a dark horse cross country team from Central California.

Kevin Costner is a high school PE coach on his last strike in a place he never thought he would end up. He takes a rag-tag group of kids under his wing to give them the chance of something bigger, outside of the city they feel so stuck in. It’s your classic inspirational movie with a twist. Underdogs in more ways than one, the McFarland cross country team is the embodiment of overcoming obstacles and pain.

Watch McFarland for an insight into Mexican American culture and values and the true power that sticking together can breed miracles. Based on a true story, McFarland, USA rises above the rest because of the culture it is set in. Put this in your must watch list.

GMBM Verdict  :  Great Story, Great Movie.

Starring: Kevin CostnerCarlos PrattsJohnny Ortiz

Rating   PG     Released  2015